The Armenian Genocide: Forgotten and Denied


The Armenian Genocide: Forgotten and Denied

A Complete comprehansive analysis of the armenian genocide of wide range of aspects such as political, historical and moral.
The book deals with both the genocide of the armenian people and denying the war cars since than and until now.

On April 24, 1915, in the course of WWI, the rulers of the crumbling Ottoman Empire embarked upon a campaign of extermination against the Armenian people.Within less than a year—after 2,300 years of living, working, and creating in Armenia—almost no Armenians remained. More than one million people were killed, and those who survived became refugees dispersed throughout the world.The Armenian genocide was the first genocide that was brought to the attention of the public in the West. However, no decisive response, action, or an attempt at prevention was ever taken. The modern state of Turkey was founded in 1923, and firmly resolved not only to forget this appalling chapter in its history but also to deny it. This book explores the Armenian genocide in its historical, political, and ideological context. It also addresses the effort, unprecedented in its scope and intensity, which has been put into denying the genocide, as well as the world’s position on the subject. The Armenian Genocide: Forgotten and Denied is part of the series Genocide, which offers a comprehensive exploration of the subject of genocide. Each volume constitutes an integral component of this larger endeavor, but also stands alone in its own right.

The Armenian Genocide: Forgotten and Denied

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