International Law and International Relations


International Law and International Relations
This volume is intended to help readers understand the relationship
between international law and international relations (IL/IR). As a testament
to this dynamic area of inquiry, new research on IL/IR is now being
published in a growing list of traditional law reviews and disciplinary
journals. The excerpted articles in this volume, all of which were first
published in International Organization, represent some of the most
important research since serious social science scholarship began in
this area more than twenty years ago. They are important milestones
toward making IL/IR a central concern of scholarly research in
international affairs. The contributions have been selected to cover
some of the main topics of international affairs and to provide readers
with a range of theoretical perspectives, concepts, and heuristics that
can be used to analyze the relationship between international law and
international relations.
Beth A. Simmons is Professor of Government and Director of the
Weatherhead Center for International Affairs at Harvard University,
Cambridge, Massachusetts.
Richard H. Steinberg is Professor of Law at the University of California,
Los Angeles, and Senior Scholar in the Division of International,
Comparative and Area Studies at Stanford University, Stanford,

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